Project name:

Snaky Worm

Project description:

★ The Snaky Worm is remake of classic snake game with a twist.
★ The Snaky Worm has lost its body parts across various levels.
★ Help him to locate these parts by guiding it through the levels.
★ Keep safe distance from boxes and avoid collision.
★ Collect 2 of the same color in a row. Break the rule and you lose a life!
★ Use your instinct! Collect the odd colored body parts in the end.
★ Use man holes to travel from one side of the screen to the other.
★ Power ups are always there for your help.

Snaky Worm features:
● 2 game modes: Casual & Survival
● Two different types of controls – Touch & Accelerometer
● You can set snake speed of your choice for casual mode (low, medium & high)
● 40 challenging levels to play with cute and super rich graphics
● Leader board – your count can only grow
● Be on top in your friend’s circle
● Several exciting achievements to achieve
● Enjoy the game as much as we had while developing it.


Game link play store :

For iOS :



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